September 11


Product Spotlight: DMX 1-Step

Our waterproofing services are in high demand during the summer months. That is why our team is constantly researching the latest trends and products in the market. Today we’re putting the spotlight on DMX 1-Step.

dmx 1-step

What is DMX 1-Step?

Also known as “the famous blue rolls”, DMX 1-Step is an underlayment that protects your floors from moisture and mold. Its unique dimple design creates a gap between the finished floor and slab, allowing for air circulation. This creates room for moisture to evaporate and eliminating the risk of harmful mold.

Additionally, DMX 1-Step has excellent insulation. Not only will your floors stay warm, but it will save you money from a costly heating bill.

Installation is simple! After you carefully prepare the floor (cleaning, leveling, etc.), then simply cover the area with the underlayment. The only tools you need are a sharp utility knife and clear tape. Once that is complete, then you are ready to lay your laminate floor.

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