January 24


Preventing Mold in Your Basement

Basements can be an icky place. Today we’ll discover 4 ways of preventing mold in your basement.

Mold can appear in many different rooms of your room. Particularly in the basement, however, it’s harder to dry out any source of water down there. This is due to the basement receiving little natural sunlight, poor ventilation, and high humidity. Therefore, mold can attach itself to carpeting, wallboard, wood, ceiling tiles, and even furniture.

Unfortunately, mold growing in the basement may go unnoticed for a long time. It’s simply not a room that many homeowners spend time in. This is particularly dangerous because mold can cause serious health concerns including asthma, infections, coughs, and rashes.

With four easy preventative measures, you can avoid this pesky problem and enjoy clean air:

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Use a Dehumidifier

A high-quality dehumidifier can be effective in keeping humidity at a safe level.

Reduce Congestion

Free your basement of useless clutter. Excess junk and storage items block the free flow of air and reduce ventilation. Reduce your quantity of possessions and keep them away from direct contact with the floor or walls.

Do Not Store Wood

Wood should never be stored in the basement. Wood in a dark and damp area is a perfect breeding ground for mold. Instead, store wood in an open and airy location.

Dry Spills Immediately

If there are any spills or exposed liquid, dry them right away. Letting them sit for an extended time can easily cause mold. Use a dehumidifier to quickly dry the affected space if needed.

If you’re looking for a professional team to assist you in the severe damage that may have been caused by mold, contact the NOVA Basement Finishing team today. You can give us a call at 703-273-8888 or email at cs@cyrus-construction.com. We can also assist with Kitchen and Bath Remodeling & Home Additions & Renovations


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