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The Basement is not just storage.  It’s the family room, the playroom, the home gym a favorite and enjoyable space that deserves attention for great design.  Whether you’re finishing your basement for the first time or want to step up your style with a new floor, we offer plenty of basement flooring options in different styles.

There are a wide variety of styles and materials, but not every product is suitable for a basement floor.  Concrete slabs are porous, cold and liable to be wet or damp from time to time and some can’t stand up to moisture. Carpeting on woods can be moldy and smelly sometimes. Products that include particle board can swell. Solid wood can bow and warp. So wrong flooring looks inexpensive and needs repair down the road.

We can offer a wide variety of basement flooring solutions that can give any basement makeover smashing a new look while beingdurable and simple. These flooring solutions are specially designed for the concrete basement and will never decay, rot or create mold. Besides, they are raised slightly off the slab by small pegs.  This creates an air space that allows occasional water vapor and moisture finishing products such as wall panels and dropped ceilings, they are a brilliant way to update and renovate the home.


The Thermal dry floor matting is a PVC tile underpayment who want to install carpeting for the basement. The tiles protect the carpet from the moisture in the concrete below and won’t support the growth of mold. Thermal dry matting is 100% waterproof and acts asboth a vapor barrier and thermal break. Like all Basement  Systems flooring products, the tiles can be lifted and cleaned.


This PVC plank- style flooring offers the same look feel as hardwood while suited to concrete basement floor… Not like many hardwoodflooring products, it won’t rot or warp when subjected to wet or dry cycles.


These come with finishes that simulate ceramic tile and wood. There’s no need to cover them with anything. These decorative tiles are similar to Thermal dry basement matting no grout or adhesive required. Thermal dry floor tiles are easy to maintain and durable. As forcolors between sandstone and beige. All tiles can be mixed and matched.

Thermally Carpet Tiles

This floor tile has the look of carpet tiles but is completely waterproof, resistant to colors, mildew, and odors. With thermally carpet tiles, there is no need for underlayment. It acts as an effective thermal breaker for the concrete floor, and you can walk on them as soon as they are installed. Choose a product that can easily pull up, wash and reinstall.

The primary concern of basement flooring is moisture. How to avoid it and how well the floor will dry when it’s wet. To find the best basement flooring first consider your basement’s ultimate purpose.

There are five ways to tile basement flooring that can be mixed and matched to create a personalized installation for a home.

  • Color
  • Direction- it can be straight, diamond -shaped
  • Size,  to be able to offset the tile by using two or more sizes.
  • borders, patterns, and insets.
  • Relief and texture. On a floor, mix glossy tile with textured tiles.

This would create a custom look but cost little to do.

This will have a big impact on what type of flooring material you choose. Next is your budget. Once you know what you plan to use thearea for it will be easier to find the flooring type that you want.

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