August 29


Basement Remodeling Mclean VA

Dream Come True With A Basement Remodeling.

We felt it was ideal for what the homeowners wanted to build – a modern natural light home deeply connected to the landscape and we did a WALKOUT BASEMENT of this beautiful property.

Being forthright about their vision and style of their plans and needs.

We knew that to pull off the timeline and complexity of this project. Providing the high- quality standard of LVT and cabinets punctuated by expensive glass walls. Situated on the slope leading down to the river, it grounds are terraced by carderock stone retaining walls. We work with our structural engineers to design the most visually” light” staircase possible. The interiors have riveting water views and indoor-outdoor connectivity on each level.

One of our goals was to capture the scale and view of the landscape while creating intimate spaces for everyday living.

One unique thing about this project is that we could make bold choices. The homeowners were willing to let us work with such interesting materials and the spirit of open idea generation always led to the best final product.

Our Team was instrumental in ensuring this.

Our team of professionals at NOVA Basement Finishing can help. Call us at 703-273-1011 or email at to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. We look forward to working with you!


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