Luxury Vinyl Tile

What is LVT Flooring?

Is designed to replicate hard surface flooring materials such as stone or wood yet provide many more practical benefits. It offers the option of a less permanent floor than wood or ceramic tile, especially with the growing popularity of floating LVT floors.

LVT Pros and Cons


  • Durability, much stronger than traditional real woods floors
  • Inexpensive compared to hardwood flooring
  • Do it yourself installation, interlocking, floating or glued own


Synthetic texture, not quite the same look and feel as laminate flooring and much less likely to feel as though your walking on realistic wood flooring. High- end hardwood is always a more popular option, but the cost can be 2-3 x more expensive.

LVT can’t be sanded or refurbished like natural wood flooring.

LVT and plank flooring styles change about every 5 yrs. Once gone, you’ll never be able to replace or an exact match. But it is something to consider when remodeling or new installation.

LVT is initially expensive, it essentially pays for itself over time because it doesn’t necessitate being stripped or resealed.


Wear layer (0.5 mm/20 mils)protects against excessive wear provides superior cleanability Luxury Vinyl Top Layer (1.5m) durability resilient resists chips and dents Coretec- core structure extruded waterproof core stable will not expand or contract under normal conditions rigid, high density attached cork underlayment (91.5) provides added sound insulation no need for separate underlayment naturally, resist mold and mildew LVT emulates high -end materials like hardwood and stone. It’s becoming a popular alternative to hardwood flooring and tile. It’s a superior product offering more durability and realistic look.

What is Luxury Tile?

Homeowners are opting for LVT not only for durability and authentic look but also for the wide range shapes, styles and sizes available.

Originally called ”hot-pressed tile”, LVT is made by fusing several layers together under high heat and pressure.

Benefits of LVT

LVT offers the beauty of natural flooring products, with realistic-looking textures and colors that not only have the look but the real thing.

It’s sophisticated and complicated patterns, like parquet or diagonal designs, LVT is an easier way to achieve that look LVT offers and level of durability beyond natural materials. For a mudroom or Basement or anywhere, LVT makes it easier to clean -up and is more resistant to damage. Bathrooms, kitchens, and workrooms also benefit from waterproof LVT flooring

LVT is also compatible with underfloor heating systems for an added touch of luxury.

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