Control Moisture in Your Home with 10 Tips

Our Top 10 Tips to Control Moisture, Basement Waterproofing

Damp skin, foggy windows, musty odor – we have all experienced signs of high humidity before. Every household produces tons of excess moisture without realizing it. Moisture is created when we cook, shower, bathe, exercise, and even simply breath! Humidity is healthy, but too much can be dangerous. High humidity can create the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. This results in a health hazard that can cause allergies, infections, and skin irritations. This is it’s imperative we learn how to control moisture in our home.

Control Moisture Home Cyrus Construction

Here are 10 tips to control moisture in your home:

  1. Install an exhaust fan or dehumidifier in high humidity areas including your kitchen, bath, and basement. Turn them on while showering and cooking
  2. Repair any leaks coming from plumbing or other structural damage
  3. Promptly clean any overflows from tubs, sinks, washing machines
  4. Replace your solid wood door with a louvered door
  5. Select houseplants that are known to absorb moisture, such as a Rubber Plant or Bamboo Palm
  6. Keep your gutters and downspouts clean of leaves and debris
  7. Use area rugs that can easily be removed and washed often. Carpets absorb moisture easily
  8. Use plastic vapor barrier to cover dirt floors in crawlspaces
  9. Crack a window in an area regularly used to improve ventilation
  10. Store untreated wood outdoors – not indoors

It’s important to keep airflow steady and constant. Who doesn’t love to breathe in clean air? By adopting these ten tips, we are positive you can control moisture in your own home!

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