How to Convert a Basement Into Usable Space

Basements are easy to overlook, but in reality, there is so much potential. Today we review four ways to convert a basement into usable space!

With the space available, a regular basement can turn into your family’s favorite place or your own personal haven. NOVA Basement Finishing is trained to see the endless options for all types of basements. We work with families all over Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC to remodel or refinish their basements into extraordinary areas.

Check out the list below of some options that you consider while planning your basement renovation.

Your Own Master Suite

Your basement can become a personal getaway. Creating a new master suite gives you the ultimate privacy, tons of space, and the coziness of enclosed walls. Now you can have your dream walk-in closet, reading nook, and fireplace! The additions are endless.

No Days Off – Home Gym

Put that vacant old basement to good use by making it a personal gym. Therefore, you have no excuse to not exercise. A basement typically provides enough space for you to move around freely. Also, the lower temperatures in a basement can be used in your favor by cooling you down after a tough workout. NOVA Basement Finishing just wrapped up a basement renovation in Ashburn, Virginia where we converted an empty basement into a functional gym.

Dream Home Office

It’s good to collaborate with our colleagues in the office, but sometimes we just want to work from home. Who wouldn’t want to work in their pajamas? And maybe or maybe not have The Bachelor playing in the background. If you are a business owner or simply want to create an organized work area, consider converting your basement. It will serve as a private area with little noise and distractions.

Wine Cellar 

Warning: turning your basement into a wine cellar will cause guests to never leave. You might have to call the cops on your own party. If this doesn’t bother you, then creating a luxury cocktail area is the way to go! We had a client in Great Falls, Virginia who wanted us to help her with transforming her basement into a wine cellar. She collects all types of wine and is constantly expanding her collection. Her basement had ample space for us to work with. Now she has an in-home cellar as if she was at the areal vineyard.

If you’re looking to convert your basement into a livable space, contact NOVA Basement Finishing today! We can also remodel your kitchen and bathYou can reach us at 703-273-8888 or We look forward to working with you.

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